A Gift and a Charge

Kendal~Crosslands Communities began over 40 years ago in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, with a gift and a charge.  The gift was a generous grant from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends Committee on Aging.  The charge was to “find a better way in retirement.”  Since then, Kendal has worked to transform our culture’s view of aging and of older persons, stressing the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life. Today, we offer one of the best values in retirement living with a proven history of sound financial management and over 40 years of experience and leadership in the field of aging.


Kendal Retirement Communities

We offer a wide range of residential living options and full services with lifetime health care, all united by a common spirit infused with the traditional Quaker values of integrity, care, and respect.

Kendal~Crosslands Communities was the beginning of what is now multiple communities serving older adults in the Quaker Tradition in eight states.