Meet Molly- Lead Utility Aid

Kendal-Crosslands Is Part of Her Family

Molly is a young adult – but she has a claim to fame – she has been at Kendal-Crosslands Communities since she was 2! Molly’s mom, Roseann, worked in the Personal Care residency, and Molly went to preschool here at Crosslands. Later on, she joined the Culinary staff at age 16 as a server while in high school, and subsequently worked in culinary service, environmental services, and now as the Lead Utility Aid at Kendal at Longwood.

Growing and Gaining Responsibility

As a Lead Utility Aid, Molly is responsible for inspecting all the cleaning being done for independent living residents, and the periodic deep cleanings, making sure everything is up to standards and meeting any requests by the residents. Deep cleanings are done twice a year, and this means with all the cottages on each campus, there is always a home getting a deep clean!

New Challenges and Variety

Molly worked as the Lead Utility Aid at Crosslands for a long time and recently transferred over to Kendal at Longwood. Molly loves working on both campuses, and although each campus has some differences, she has built strong relationships with residents on both.

“I really enjoy working at KCC- it’s a great place, and it’s literally like family- I have been here since pre-school! I’ve taken advantage of the great benefits including health and dental insurance- that’s been great.”

“In my department, people let us into their homes, so it’s important to be respectful and maintain privacy. I’ve ended up developing close relationships with many of the residents over the years- they feel like family!”

Good work is recognized and appreciated

Molly says she feels like good work is recognized and appreciated at Kendal-Crosslands. “In our department, there have been a lot of changes during COVID. People have really stepped up to help each other out and work together to get things done. Residents recognize the hard work and give us genuine thank-yous, and it makes it all worth it.”

Are you looking for a position where you feel valued and appreciated?

Molly loves working at Kendal-Crosslands Communities because it’s given her opportunities for growth over the years, and she’s built relationships with the residents that make working here feel like being part of a larger community, and where your hard work is recognized by both the residents and supervisors alike. If you’d like to work in an environment where your work is recognized and appreciated, you’ll find it here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. Just click the button below to see our current opportunities!