Infusing Values in Daily Life

At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, our values are infused in our daily living and working environments.  The deep roots that sustain Kendal are found in Kendal Values and Practices. They help ensure that residents and staff share the spirit of community and collaboration and the respect for each individual.  Our values highlighted here are:


Historic Meeting House

  • quality of life
  • sense of community
  • sustain our environment
  • welcome all people
  • high quality of wellness
  • continued learning
  • excellence in management and staff experiences
  • value participation and consensus
  • generosity, integrity, ethics
  • active role in aging issues and to the larger community

To read our complete mission statement and values statement, click here.


Code of Conduct

Kendal~Crosslands Communities has policies and procedures that guide our organization and staff in appropriate business practices and promotes compliance with laws and governmental regulations.  These guidelines are deeply rooted in our values and you can read more about our Code of Conduct by clicking here.