Crosslands Campus

Leadership Team

Providing for the Present, Preparing for the Future

At Kendal~Crosslands Communities, leadership has the responsibility of providing for the present and preparing for the future. Both are necessary for meeting the needs of residents and staff while securing the ongoing financial strength of the community. Our leaders ensure that all areas of our community are aligned with the mission and values of our organization.

Below are listed our Executive Management Team at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Click on each card to learn more.

Lisa Marsilio staff

Lisa Marsilio

Chief Executive Officer

Donna Taylor

Chief Health Services Officer

Ed Plasha

Ed Plasha

Chief Financial Officer

Seth Beaver Staff

Seth Beaver

Vice President Community Operations

M Berardi photo

Michele Berardi

Senior Director Communications and Public Relations

staff member

Quiana Pettiford, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Human Resources

Below are listed our Department Directors at Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Click on each card to learn more.

J Arbiz photo

Jill A. Arbiz

Director Nursing, Kendal at Longwood

J Craig photo

James Craig

Director Information Technology

C Emig photo

Cathy Emig

Nursing Home Administrator, Crosslands

Rayna Gray staff

Rayna Gray

Director of Philanthropy

D Loughery photo

Diane Loughery

Director Nursing, Crosslands

Roy Manno staff

Roy Manno

Director of Facilities

S Matas photo

Sarah Matas

Nursing Home Administrator, Kendal at Longwood

J Platt photo

John Platt

Director Culinary Services

H Quinones photo

Helene M. Quinones

Director Sales and Marketing

staff member Michelle Roche

Michelle Roche

Director of Environmental Services

staff member Nicole

Nicole Schlosser

Director Finance

Antonio Sofia staff

Antonio L. Sofia

Director Rehabilitation and Wellness Services