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Leadership Transition—Update #3— May 10, 2019


Leadership Transition—Update #2— May 3, 2019

Dear Friends,

This is the second of many updates you will receive over the next several months concerning the Leadership Transition underway at Kendal-Crosslands Communities (KCC).

The Transition Committee’s work will be guided by Kendal’s Values and Practices based on Quaker values. The Committee is committed to understanding the effects its decisions will have on stakeholders to ensure the present and future strength and health of KCC.

The Committee has been charged with:

  • Developing a strategy and plan to conduct a search for an interim CEO.
  • Developing a strategy and plan to engage residents and other stakeholders to gather input as to the executive structure for Kendal-Crosslands Communities.
  • Developing a strategy and plan to conduct a search for KCC’s permanent leadership.
  • Developing and implementing a communications plan, which may be done in collaboration with Diversified Search, an executive search firm.
  • Conducting the executive search — inclusive of meetings with residents and other stakeholders.
  • Recommending a finalist, or finalists.
  • Announcing the finalist, or finalists, to KCC, the Kendal System and the broader community.

Survey and Focus Groups Planned

To ensure the Committee receives resident and staff input early in the process, the Committee has engaged Association Research Inc. (“ARI”) to learn what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement related to leadership. ARI will conduct two types of research.

  • Phase 1 will be a Web-based survey of all residents, with a paper option available.
  • Phase 2 will engage residents in focus groups of 6–8 people each over 5 or 6 days shortly after Memorial Day. Randomly selected residents from all four KCC communities will be invited by ARI to participate in these focus groups.

After reporting their research results to the Committee, ARI will distribute a summary of its findings to KCC community members.

Communicating with the Committee

Please do not contact individual Committee and Board members about the transition. To ensure that all Committee members receive the same input from KCC community members, we have established a special email address. Please email all information requests, questions and suggestions to:


Additional Updates

As the Transition Committee’s work progresses we will provide additional updates to KCC community members. Candidate names and some parts of the process, however, will remain confidential to protect the confidentiality of candidates.

In addition, we plan to create a new page on KCC’s website where all updates and additional information about the transition can be posted in chronological order so that everyone has access to a running account of the Committee’s progress. We plan to have that page—titled “Leadership Transition”—online by Friday, May 10. The URL will be:


Richard Wortmann
Clerk of the Board



Leadership Transition Announcement—April 11, 2019