Meet Casey Groff, Grounds and Horticultural Supervisor

Casey Groff Once you have selected your new home here at Kendal-Crossland Communities, there is a 90 day period where we will renovate and make-over your new home. If you’ve…

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Sylvia Savery

Meet The Savery Family

Crosslands has become a tradition for the Savery family!

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Seth Beaver Staff

Sustainable Energy Programs on Campus

Seth Beaver We recently sat down with Seth Beaver, Senior Director for Resident and Community Affairs and Capital Projects for Kendal-Crosslands Communities, to talk about several new and exciting projects…

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Maureen Thompson

Meet Maureen Thompson, Move-In Coordinator

Maureen Thompson When you meet Maureen, you know in the first few minutes that she cares about the people she works with. As Kendal-Crosslands Communities move-in coordinator, her job is…

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Ellen Evans

Meet Ellen Evans

Ellen Evans Ellen has been a key contributor here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities for over 12 years. As the Sales and Marketing coordinator, her smile and ability to make sure everything…

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Helene Quinones

Meet Helene Quinones, Director of Sales & Marketing

Helene Quinones Helene Quinones is the Director of Sales & marketing here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities. There’s a lot of responsibility and moving parts in managing a team and the needs…

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Nancy Regenye

Meet Nancy Regenye

Nancy Regenye When you first meet Nancy, you have to be impressed by her experience and dedication to the Kendal-Crosslands Community. Nancy has worked in different capacities here since she…

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Kelley Metcalf-Hollinger

Meet Kelley Metcalf-Hollinger

Kelley Metcalf-Hollinger When you first meet Kelley, her warm smile and welcoming personality really shine through.  Within minutes, you realize that Kelley has probably never met a stranger- she seems…

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Julia Drake

Meet Julia Drake

Julia Drake Julia Drake has been a part of the team here at Kendal-Crosslands Communities for over two years. She has brought her infectious, cheery sense of adventure with her.…

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