Sitting Down With Gretchen Wright

Gretchen Wright has a long history with Kendal~Crosslands Communities! It Starts With a Family Connection Gretchen’s father and step-mother moved to Kendal at Longwood from Chicago in the late 1980’s.…

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In the beginning....

Initial Construction of Kendal at Longwood This year, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Kendal at Longwood! Kendal started from a grant from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious…

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Peter Junker

Meet Peter Junker

Peter’s Grandmother and her mirror For Peter Junker, retiring to Kendal Crosslands Communities is a family tradition.  His grandmother was one of the founding residents at Kendal at Longwood, and…

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Neil & Betsey Cullen

Meet the Cullens

Betsey and Neil Cullen moved into the Brandywine Valley after living and working in Andover, MA at Phillips Academy. Betsey worked in the Development office, and Neil was the Chief…

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Social Security Increase- What This Means for You

How Will the Social Security COLA Affect Me? This year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) authorized one of the largest Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) in recent memory. In their…

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The Weavers

Nann & Leslie Weaving and creating fabric has been happening for thousands of years- it is an art and a craft that many of us take for granted, but when…

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John Fong and Colin

Meet John Fong

John Fong and his partner, Colin Johnstone, lived in the Philadelphia area for many years. John worked as Director of Haverford State Hospital, and Colin worked at the University of…

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Leila Calder

Meet Lelia Calder

Lelia Calder Lelia Calder moved into her lovely and bright studio cottage in 2015, and still loves it as much as she did when she first moved in. “I looked…

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Janet Bisbing

Meet Janet Bisbing

Janet Bisbing grew up in West Philadelphia, and moved to California in her late-20’s where she lived in San Francisco for a number of years, then Santa Monica, and then…

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