Independence and Freedom

How Are You Approaching Retirement? People approach retirement and retirement living options with different mindsets. Some people will declare they will never leave their current home and will stay there…

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Sooner The Better

Kendal-Crosslands Communities will change your mind forever about retirement communities. When you meet residents of Kendal-Crosslands Communities, the first thing you’re struck by is the way they make anyone feel…

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dining table

Downsizing Pains- What To Do with the Dining Room Table?

Don’t let bog items like your dining room table dictate where you retire

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Financial Facts About Retirement Communities

Retirement living decisions are complex. You have to make decisions about timing, about location, and about finances. Because these decisions are complicated, it helps to have the facts up front,…

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Real Estate Market Ups & Downs

Real Estate Market Ups and Downs Interest rates have been going up and as a result, the Real Estate market is changing. With mortgage rates at their highest point since 2011,…

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Understanding Life Plan Communities and Personal Care

There are many different types of senior living communities being built as people of the baby-boom generation approach retirement. Understanding the differences between varying types of communities, their costs, and…

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Open kitchen at Kendal-Crosslands Communities

Personalizing Your New Home

There are many opportunities to customize your new cottage or apartment with our Design Center

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Family Decisions- 7 Steps for Choosing A Retirement Community

When people are considering retirement living options, other members of the family sometimes get involved or offer their opinion and advice. We hear regularly from adult children, looking for information…

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5 Things People Love About Downsizing

Downsizing has become a trend for people at every stage of life, not just for people thinking about retirement. In fact, new homes are smaller than in the past and…

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