Meet Molly- Lead Utility Aid

Kendal-Crosslands Is Part of Her Family Molly is a young adult – but she has a claim to fame – she has been at Kendal-Crosslands Communities since she was 2!…

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Meet Ricci Thompson, Nursing Assistant

Ricci has been working at Crosslands for over 11 years. He started working in the kitchen at Kendal at Longwood. He then took the Certified Nursing Assistant classes offered by…

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Meet Clarence Watson, Cook Supervisor

Clarence Watson Clarence Watson is a Cook Supervisor at Crosslands. Clarence started working at Kendal-Crosslands Communities (KCC) while he was attending nearby Avon Grove High School, starting off helping in…

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Sarah Randolph, nurse manager

Meet Sarah Colon Randolph- Nurse Manager

Sarah Colon Randolph was recently promoted to Nurse Manager in the Skilled Nursing residency of Kendal at Longwood. Sarah has been at Kendal-Crosslands Communities (KCC) for 16 years, and her husband,…

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Learn About Our Tuition Assistance Benefits

Millie Lee helping a resident Millie Lee started at Kendal~Crosslands Communities (KCC) as a waitress in the dining room.  With the support of her manager, she used the Tuition Assistance…

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Learn About Our CNA Training Program

Become a Certified Nurse Assistant! A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, at Kendal~Crosslands Communities (KCC) helps our residents with activities of daily living and other healthcare needs under the direct…

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Top Ten Features Of Kendal~Crosslands Communities Medical Insurance Benefit Plan

Kendal~Crosslands offers excellent health insurance and benefits to help maintain a high-quality work experience. Learn more about our insurance plans.

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staff and residents sitting at a table

Meet Erica Papa, Nurse Manager

Erica Papa Erica was recently promoted to Nurse Manager. Prior to that, she had been working in Resident Care at Crosslands for several years. Resident care is the medical clinic…

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Learn More About Juneteenth

learn more about Juneteenth and celebrations throughout Chester County

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