A Wide Variety of Options – A Taste For Every Palate

Sharing a meal together is community fellowship and at Kendal~Crosslands Communities, that community engaged is one of our core values.

Our dining programs offer flexibility with menus, venues, and of course variety. We understand that a variety of meal programs, multiple dining rooms, dining al fresco, and healthy nutrition programs to meet and satisfy your culinary delights, is important.

Kendal Crosslands Communities dining

  • Meet friends in the Coffee Shop or relax in the main dining room
  • Enjoy the outdoors with multiple outdoor dining venues (al fresco)
  • Full waited and buffet service in the main dining rooms for lunch, dinner, and special events
  • Three meals, light refreshments, carry out, convenience foods, and snacks are available in the Cafe
  • Special parties, events, picnics, celebrations
  • Varied menus to meet the needs and preferences of residents
  • Invite family and friends for Sunday brunch
  • Enjoy sweets prepared fresh by our pastry chef
  • Produce market in the summertime
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary preferences created

Kendal Crosslands Communities Residents enjoying a meal with al fresco dining as an option as well