Small Residential Communities

Coniston and Cartmel are small, residential retirement communities for persons 50 and older, under the auspices of Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Here residents live in comfortable, well-designed homes, nestled among lovely mature trees and sweeping meadows, free from many of the responsibilities of home ownership — such as housekeeping, lawn care, snow removal, and interior and exterior maintenance.

Sweeping views at the Coniston neighborhood

Sweeping views at the Coniston neighborhood


Coniston and Cartmel share Kendal’s values, which emphasize respect for each individual — their gifts and their differences — and a strong sense of community. Each community has a Residents’ Association through which residents participate with Kendal~Crosslands Communities Administration in the operation of various aspects of their community. Most residents who move to Coniston or Cartmel plan to move later to Kendal at Longwood or Crosslands.

Coniston has 18 homes, grouped in sets of two, occupying about one-third of a 36-acre tract of land atop a scenic ridge with views across the Brandywine Valley.  Cartmel has 56 one-story homes, arranged in pairs, on 60 acres of land.

Residents of Coniston and Cartmel enjoy priority access to the nearby health centers at either Kendal at Longwood or Crosslands. Priority admission to either the Skilled Nursing or Personal Care sections of the health centers is on a per diem basis.