An Emphasis on Well-Being and Preventative Care

Kendal Crosslands Communities offering short term rehabilitation

Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands, in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, offers health care programs designed to help you stay well and to maintain your highest level of self-care and independence. The emphasis is on well-being and preventative care and the services at both campuses are similar yet they have their own unique personality. We are a fully licensed Medicare Certified Health Center that offers Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation Services. You are an active participant in your health care decisions, working together with staff to seek solutions that encompass your total well-being.

The Kendal Difference

We believe that dignity, autonomy and a sense of control become more precious as older adults face limitations and personal losses. That’s why – guided by our Core Values and Practices – Kendal Crosslands Communites has never used physical restraints. We believe that human life is sacred and that all people regardless of age, health, economic status or other circumstances are to be treaded with loving respect.

Accredited Community

Person Centered Long Term Care Community (PCLTC) and Dementia Care Specialty Program (DCSP)

Enjoying time in the gathering spaces

These accreditations demonstrate a provider as having met standards for high quality of service. PCLTC demonstrates the community’s commitment to autonomy, dignity, individual choice, cultural competence, flexibility, families/support systems, understanding what residents want, how the services should be delivered, and how the residents can be engaged in the community. DCSP delivers services that focus on the unique and changing physical, cognitive, communication, emotional, psychosocial, behavioral, occupational, medical, palliative, educational, environmental, and leisure/recreational needs of persons with dementia.

Peace of Mind – Life Care Contract

Residents living at Kendal at Longwood or Crosslands, who choose the Traditional Life Care contract, are provided the continuing levels of care, including unlimited long-term care, for the same monthly fees as apartment living, plus the cost of additional meals. Regardless of which contract our residents choose, the full continuum of care means that as the years go by, the realities of aging can be faced in a positive way. You benefit from a coordinated approach on a consistent, continuing basis provided by a highly qualified, interdisciplinary health care team familiar with you and your individual circumstances. Individuality is created by the lovely surroundings, the staff providing care and the residents who live in the Health Center.

Click here to see our full brochure about our Health Services.  For additional information and for inquiries about direct admission to our health centers, please contact Health Services Administration at 610-388-1444.