Add Life to Your Years and a Plan for Your Future

As one of Chester County’s most highly regarded Life Plan Communities (formerly known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community), Kendal~Crosslands offers the finest in services to help you live the life you want, including access to a complete continuum of on-site health care from personal care to skilled nursing care, as needed.

Financial stability is important, too.  That is why we offer a wide range of options, including varying levels of refundable entrance fees and a comprehensive Life Care Plan with predictable monthly fees.

Entrance Fee Refunds

You may choose from a 0%, 50%, or 90% refund of your entrance fee. When we visit with you, we can help you determine which program aligns with your personal preferences.

Life Care And What It Means To You

When the need for additional personal attention and care is required, Kendal~Crosslands provides a Life Care contract that stabilizes and protects your assets.  There are two options explained briefly below:

  • Traditional Agreement:  When you move to the health center, you pay the same monthly fee that you were paying in your apartment/cottage, plus the cost of additional meals.
  • Modified Agreement:  Upon entrance to the community, we first reduce your entrance fee.  Then, when you move to the health center, you will pay per diem rate.  After 3 or 5 years (you decide), that fee will revert to your original fee you were paying in your apartment or cottage.

Our staff welcomes you to chat with us specifically about how these plans will meet your needs.  We will guide and help you choose the plan that is right for you.



Is This a Good Financial Fit For You?

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