The Connollys

Meet The Connollys

Ginny and Bob Connolly moved to Crosslands in the past year, after living in the Hudson Valley for a number of years. Bob taught at a boarding school, and he…

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Resident Care teams

Learn more about the Resident Health Center

When you consider a Life Plan community like Kendal-Crosslands Communities, it’s easy to focus on floor plans, amenities, and everything there is to do. But one of the key benefits…

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Kendal Residents – Lincoln Students – Story Telling

Everyone loves a good story.  Whether it be told from a good book, a movie, around a campfire, or perhaps even a theatrical performance.  But what about in retirement with…

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Wellness is Our Focus

Staying fit and active is important as we age, and the residents at Kendal-Crosslands Communities have amazing resources to help them on their journey. Suzanne Stevens is the Wellness Director…

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What is Vitalize 360?

At Kendal-Crosslands Communities, our Vitalize 360 program helps residents with all aspects of wellness, and develop personal goals to improve whatever area in their lives needs a little attention. It’s…

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Jane Spangler

Finding the Perfect Place for You

When you’re looking for the perfect retirement community, what’s most important to you?   For many people, the lifestyle at Kendal-Crosslands Communities means they spend most of their time engaging…

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What Does It Cost?

Comparing retirement communities, and considering whether or not they are a good option when compared to living at home, is a big decision. One of the first questions people want…

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Hot air balloons

Independence and Freedom

People approach retirement and retirement living options with different mindsets.   Some people will declare they will never leave their current home and will stay there until the bitter end.…

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Callling all Gardeners!

If you are a fan of gardening and outdoor beauty, Kendal-Crosslands Communities is one of the very best places to be.   Our 500 acre campus, with its own Level…

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