The Bennetts

The Path: Kendal Through the Seasons

One of the benefits of communities like Kendal-Crosslands is the opportunity to spend time exploring your creativity and self-expression in a supportive community with others. We’ve had a number of…

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Why Should I Choose A CCRC? (also known as a Life Plan Community)

Talking to residents at Kendal-Crosslands Communities instantly reveals that this is something different. It’s a different type of community that redefines what a retirement community can and should be. Unlike…

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Fall Happenings Near Kendal-Crosslands Communities

Celebrate Fall In and Around Kendal-Crosslands With our Level II Arboretum, you probably already suspect that our campus at Kendal-Crosslands is spectacular in the Fall, and you’d be right! But…

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Mushrooms being grown


Kendal-Crosslands Communities is located just outside of Kennett Square, PA, which is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World. Why is that, and why are mushrooms such a big…

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clock, time ticking

What’s Too Soon and What’s Too Late

We’ve all been there. You know you’re going to need to make a decision about something big. It could be whether to get married, having kids, taking that dream job…

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Money puzzle

Financial Facts About Retirement Communities

Retirement living decisions are complex. You have to make decisions about timing, about location, and about finances. Because these decisions are complicated, it helps to have the facts up front,…

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Apple orchard

Day Trip Ideas

Our region is full of wonderful things to do or see, and sometimes, because we don’t have the same time limitations that visitors on vacation face, we forget to take…

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9 Questions to Ask About Finances

Joining a continuing care retirement community like Kendal-Crosslands is a big financial commitment. Communities are making promises to care for you for years to come, and it’s important that you…

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Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Have you heard of Traditional Neighborhood Design? In the 1980’s, people began to think about how they could design better residential developments, as an alternative to the islands of isolated…

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