Inclusive Retirement: Friends Services for the Aging Interview

Kendal~Crosslands Communities assisted with a radio interview with the wonderful Miss Marcia Wesley Coleman with Friends Services for the Aging (left), the fabulous Miss Patty Jackson of Philly’s Best R&B radio, WDAS 105.3 (center), and the legendary Miss Eleanor Jean Henley, a retired Philadelphia news anchor.

Listen to the radio interview about Quaker retirement communities being all-inclusive and welcoming environments for all people and how Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs) are a smart option to choose for retirement living.  This interview was pre-recorded prior to Kendal~Crosslands Communities support of the 2018 Women of Excellence Luncheon, held in downtown Philadelphia on March 31st.  This luncheon honored local “she-roes” who’ve done phenomenal work in our area.