Kendal~Crosslands Achieves Vaccination Success

Hope With A Vaccine Is Our Path Forward

Press Release: Exactly a year ago, Kendal~Crosslands Communities pulled out their Emergency Preparedness Pandemic Plan and quickly got to work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  At that time, they never imagined that a year later, they would have achieved 99% of their residents vaccinated and 90% of their staff members vaccinated.  CVS administered the Pfizer vaccine to over 1,300 people in the community…twice.

resident getting a vaccine

“We are grateful that staff worked successfully with our CVS Health partners in administering ten vaccination clinics on our campus since January.”  “The hope with our vaccination success provides us the ability to begin to open areas within our community safely,” says Lisa Marsilio, Chief Executive Officer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CVS, along with other pharmacy chains, partnered with the agency to offer on-site COVID-19 vaccination services for residents in nursing homes, assisted living, and personal care homes. “The Federal Pharmacy Partnership provided Kendal~Crosslands Communities the ability to work with CVS and vaccinate our residents and our staff members,” said Donna Taylor, Chief Health Services Officer.  “The partnership was an effective program that provided the critical supply chain management of the vaccination process, including the storage and the fulfillment of reporting requirements,” says Taylor.

staff members excited after vaccination

Staff members are grateful…

Vaccination success at Kendal Crosslands Communities

With vaccination myths and misinformation, it is understandable that many people decide not to get vaccinated.  Kendal~Crosslands Communities provided numerous educational seminars for their residents and staff members and an informative vaccine video interview with their Medical Director. “Our residents lived through our world’s history with polio, measles, and chickenpox immunizations.  Our residents shared their personal stories, which helped our staff members understand that vaccines are necessary for immunity”, says Marsilio. “Personal conversations also helped with our high vaccination success. “Some staff simply had some questions about their unique health concerns,” says Taylor.

Kendal~Crosslands Communities has achieved many milestones since opening in 1973.  Advocating for all older adults and providing person-centered care, named “The Best” in the Chester County retirement community, active residents engaged in socially responsible programs are just a few initiatives. The high COVID vaccination rate is another they will gratefully add.  “Our hope is here; we are blessed,” says Marsilio.