Harold Engerman

Harold Engleman moved to Crosslands in February of 2020, right before the pandemic and the campus lockdowns that happened, dramatically changing up operations in the community. Despite this, Harold is very happy with his decision.

“I lived in my home in New Jersey for over 43 years. I moved to be closer to my family. One son lives in Avondale, and one lives in Hockessin, Delaware, so I was looking to move closer to both of them and my grandchildren. I saw two different communities, one in Delaware and then Kendal-Crosslands, and I knew where I wanted to be.”

Picking the Right Place to Live

Harold's view from #45
Harold’s view to his backyard

“I have a lovely first floor one bedroom apartment close to the center. I have a great view, and I’m close to everything. I even saw a fox in my backyard!  Everything you could want in a community is here. While I haven’t been able to explore it much because of the shut down, I’m patient and I know it will be fine.”

Harold worked for years as a claims officer from Chubb Insurance and retired in 1997.  He has had a couple of small health issues, but is very mobile and gets around easily, even at 85! We asked Harold how the transition from his home to Crosslands was, as moving from a home you’ve lived in for 43 years can be difficult.

Making The Move

“I worked with Julia Drake, and she showed me around. Once I decided on a place, Maureen Thompson [our Moving Coordinator] recommended a great moving company.” The senior move managers, Wayforth, have a lot of experience in helping people downsize and make transitions into retirement communities. “The lady who helped me was terrific. She came in with a booklet and a copy of the floor plan, and we went through the house, making decisions on what to take, and what would fit in my new apartment. The movers were fantastic. They came at 8 in the morning on a Monday, they were done by 3 pm and the next morning, when I showed up at my new apartment, they were already there, getting everything set up. By 1 pm, everything was done. They had made the bed, the silverware was in the drawers, and everything was done.”

Help is all around when needed

“Since I’ve moved in, it’s been great. I moved in in February, when the heat was on. When it got warmer and the air conditioning came on, I noticed water on the floor. I looked in the big notebook they give you when you move in, and found out who to call. The next morning, the repairman showed up at 7:30 and was done by 8:15 am and I haven’t had a problem since!” Harold has also had maintenance come and help with hanging pictures and some other chores, and said “Everyone has been professional and polite- it’s just been great.”

“Everyone has been cordial and welcoming. Right before the shut down, the people from the Welcoming Committee took me to dinner and introduced me to people in the community. Now, we have been getting our meals delivered- the culinary guy has been great and everyone from the CEO down has been helpful.”

When Harold was selling his home in New Jersey, he had paperwork he needed to execute, and paperwork needing to be notarized as well. “All I have to do is ask, and they will make sure I get the help I need or find out how to help me. I feel well taken care of at every turn.”  

Harold's Selfie
Selfie taken by Harold on his new iPhone, after receiving his first vaccine

Harold is even getting around a bit. “I’ve gotten out to get groceries and to go to the doctor, but I haven’t gotten much of a chance to see Kennett Square much yet.” He said he’s really looking forward to just going out and getting a good pizza with family when it’s safe to do so.

Harold has even gotten to know his next door neighbor, and in talking to her, found out she knew the people Harold worked for in New Jersey “It’s a small world!” he said.

Harold also remarked that “I had a flip phone when I got here. But after a month or so, I told my son I needed an iPhone.” He’s even been using his new phone to Facetime with his family and he calls his sister every day.  He’s looking forward to later in the Spring when people are vaccinated and the weather is better, where he can spend more time outdoors to get his exercise, saying “I like getting out a few times a day when the weather is nice”.