Kendal-Crosslands Communities were first founded in 1973 with a mission to transform the experience of aging. That sounds interesting, but what does it really mean?

The founders of Kendal-Crosslands Communities wanted to create a retirement community where people could age with enthusiasm and dignity in a community of others “where love is made visible through a broad interaction among residents, staff and boards of directors, and where trust and understanding grow through open communication and listening.”  They created a community that, 45 years later, continues this tradition and leads the way in transforming the way people live in retirement. Over that time, we are now seeing third generations in a family consider Kendal-Crosslands for their own retirement, and once you see Kendal-Crosslands for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

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Our Residents Are Key

Part of the difference is that Resident Life- activities, committees, trips to artistic and cultural events, and more – are all driven by residents, not staff. There are over 100 resident committees at both Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands, reflecting the interests of residents. There are language tables at dinner where you can practice your Spanish, French, German or other languages; there are book groups, music groups, film and writer’s groups, as well as committees that help maintain the excellent library, birdfeeders on campus, and various gardens. There are groups that organize day trips, groups dedicated to energy conservation and recycling, and groups that help welcome new members into the community.  And if there is not an existing committee, residents are encouraged to start their own. This practice means the community is constantly changing to reflect the interests and passions of residents, and evolves over time, keeping it vital and relevant.

The residents take a direct hand in shaping the fabric of the life of the community and have direct input into the management of the community as well. As a result, as the community evolves over time, it does so reflecting the needs of the residents, more than directed by needs of staff or management.

Our Staff Adds A Layer of Family to the Community

You can see our core values at work every day, in almost every aspect of the community. It’s why you’ll find several members of the current sales staff who worked in the dining rooms while in high school and college. Among the current residents, you’ll find former members of the nursing staff, and people whose parents, aunts and uncles all chose Kendal-Crosslands for themselves.

One couple who recently joined the community was welcomed by members of the staff, saying “Aren’t you Mabel’s daughter? So glad to meet you!” – the staff knew the family well after their mother was a resident for a number of years. The continuity in our staff over decades demonstrates that Kendal-Crosslands not only strives to be a great place to live- it’s a great place to work as well.  

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Working Together to Transform Aging

Transforming the experience of aging requires having a deep understanding of aging and working towards improving the aspects that can be difficult. By focusing on the person and their inherent value to the overall community, each resident is involved in every aspect of their life in the community, including making decisions about increasing the level of care they might need over time. Care is something that happens as a team with the resident, not something that is done to or for them.  

The sense of continuity and history that has naturally occurred between staff and residents over the years helps make Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands truly unique among retirement communities. And it’s integral to our ability to help transform the experience of aging for the better for every resident.