Transforming The Experience of Aging

yoga in the yard
Kendal-Crosslands Community

You’re at a point in time where you know who you are, you know what you like and you know how you want to live your life. The frantic pace of building a career and raising a family is behind you and perhaps now you are in the midst of what’s next in retirement.

Like you, Kendal-Crosslands Communities believes in finding a “better way in retirement.” By incorporating the Quaker values of integrity, care and respect for all, the Kendal-Crosslands community represents how many seniors want to experience life.

What sets Kendal-Crosslands apart from other continuing care retirement communities? Simply put, it’s how we “transform the experience of aging.”

Quality of life

Picture yourself snapping photos of wildflowers, practicing putts, playing croquet, meditating or discussing the latest best sellers. At Kendal-Crosslands you can join a club, take a class, see an opera or practice Tai Chi. It’s your choice—and your time.

Sense of community

With more than 80 resident interest groups, Kendal-Crosslands embraces the diverse interests of our community members and brings people together. Join a pottery, photography, gardening or book club; become a contributing editor for a resident newsletter or website or simply meet your friends at the Coffee Shop. At Kendal-Crosslands you’re part of a bigger picture.

Environmental awareness

When you’re surrounded by an Arboretum, wooded trails and 500 acres of historic countryside, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of nature. We believe in a unity with nature and invite our residents to promote environmental sustainability through gardening, planting wildflowers, trail upkeep—even planting a tree.


The Quaker values of inclusion, diversity and nondiscrimination are proudly on display through the interaction of our residents and Kendal-Crosslands staff. Our residents and staff embrace all who live and visit Kendal~Crosslands, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

Wellness Focus

If you believe in a strong mind and body, Kendal-Crosslands is the place for you. People who love the water can enjoy the lap pool, therapy pool, Jacuzzi or new salt water pool. Regularly scheduled tai chi, strength training, balance or water aerobics classes fit the need for people who enjoy exercising with others. Our residents combine physical and mental health by walking the seven miles of hiking trials among the flowers, forests and grassy meadows of Kendal-Crosslands.

Ours is a culture that genuinely cares and takes the time to support each other. We train staff on several relaxation techniques like meditation and massage to enhance the wellbeing of our residents. A member of the meditation practice group said this:

“I was so tired I couldn’t sleep. So many things were going through my mind I couldn’t figure out what to do. Then one of our nurses came in. She was so nice. She just held my hand for about 15 minutes and guided me through a meditation to calm my mind.”

Continued Learning

As the saying goes, “you’re never too old to learn.” A world of woodworking, painting, pottery and poetry awaits you at Kendal-Crosslands. Dive into one of the 24,000 books in our two libraries or take up play reading. Learning opportunities and intellectual stimulation are endless.

Participation and consensus

True to the Quaker value of inclusivity, we take a collaborative approach to decision making. Our resident-run programs and clubs incorporate your skills, talents and wisdom and put them to use. Listening to the needs of our community members, we transformed the Firbank skilled nursing facility into a “household model” where residents experience a tailored, homelike setting.

The person-centered services at Kendal-Crosslands support your individual interests, but unite residents under one common interest: transforming the experience of aging. If you’re looking for a unique senior living experience, call 800-216-1920 to learn more about Kendal-Crosslands.