If you are evaluating and comparing Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), how do you know which communities are actually committed to providing the best care possible? Forbes Magazine, Leading Age and others all recommended that you look for a community that is CARF-Certified, as proof of its commitment to operational and service quality.


What is CARF and CARF Certification?

CARF seal

CARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. It is an international, non-profit accreditor of health and human services, covering aging services, behavioral health, medical rehabilitation, employment and community services and more. Much like the Joint Commission (JCAHO) that accredits hospitals, CARF certification requires a service provider to commit to quality improvement, focusing on the unique needs of each person the provider serves, and monitor the results of those services.


The accreditation process itself requires both internal audits, external audits and onsite surveys by a team of expert practitioners selected by CARF, to survey whether the Provider meets a series of rigorous and internationally recognized standards. There are over 1,500 standards to meet, so as you can imagine, it is a very thorough and comprehensive look at all aspects of a Community and the care it provides.


This voluntary process means that a service provider, like Kendal-Crosslands Communities, must go the extra steps necessary to earn accreditation. The accreditation is more rigorous than just state licensure, and earning accreditation means the provider has the industry-only “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”- the standard set by the very best providers.


Why Should I Choose an Accredited Community?


When you see that a Community is CARF Certified, you can be sure that it is:

  • Safe. Accreditation includes evaluating safety, and that certain safety measures, like fall prevention, must be in place.
  • Comfortable and Well-maintained. Each CARF-certified community needs to meet specific standards of cleanliness and comfort.
  • Person-centered Care is Key. Caregivers at accredited communities are committed to providing the highest quality of care. And, the leadership team is always thinking of ways to make the care they provide even better.
  • CARF Certification also means the community respects cultural and individual preferences. Staff members at accredited communities know everyone comes from a unique background. They ensure each resident is comfortable and has his or her individual needs met.  
  • Providing Excellent Care is part of a continuing commitment to excellence. CARF-accredited communities show an ongoing commitment to improving their programs. They submit regular Quality Improvement Plans to CARF to identify how they can better their services.

How Many Communities are CARF Certified?


There are now over 2000 continuing care retirement communities in the United States, and the number continues to grow. However, very few are actually CARF-Certified.  In 2014, only 261 CCRC’s were certified.


Kendal at Longwood and Crosslands are Both CARF-Certified.


We’re very proud that Kendal-Crosslands Communities, including both Kendal At Longwood and Crosslands are CARF-certified. This reflects our ongoing commitment to provide the best care to every resident at every stage of the aging process.


If you pair our CARF-certification with the fact that we have many current residents who are second- and even third-generations in the same family, all choosing to retire at Kendal-Crosslands, you’ll see that we have an unparalleled commitment to quality.


If you’d like to learn more about Kendal-Crosslands, you can download our digital brochure by clicking below,  or simply give us a call at (844) 907-1800 to take the next steps to find out how to join Kendal-Crosslands Communities, the independent-living community you’ve been looking for.