Working In Our Dining Department

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Dining services

Every day, our Culinary and Dining staff on both our Crosslands and Kendal at Longwood campuses are responsible for making sure our residents and staff are fed! While breakfast and lunch are relatively light, dinner is a bigger meal, where the majority of residents come together to share their day with each other. On top of making sure daily meals are prepared, the Dining Services team also does special catering for both staff and resident events!

Full-time and Part-time Positions Available

We regularly need staff to help with everything from dishwashing to kitchen prep, to cooking and serving meals. We even need someone to run the cash register at the Cafe! We also need people to both prep and serve meals in our Personal Care and Skilled Nursing residences, where meals are often served family-style but some residents require specially-prepared diets or assistance.

Whether it’s working in the kitchen to prep or cook meals, or help as a server at our Cafes or waitstaff in the dining rooms, there is a full or part time position for you!

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Meet Our Staff and Learn More About Working at KCC!


Meet Clarence

Clarence is a cook-supervisor at Crosslands, and loves making soups, grilling special meals for residents, and helping new staff learn the ropes.

Grace Taylor

Meet Grace

Grace is working at Kendal-Crosslands as a server while still in high school. With flexibility to work with her school and activity schedules, it’s the perfect first job!